GRANT ALERT! 101 Fundraising Events Idea’s (From A-Z)

GRANT ALERT! 101 Fundraising Events Idea’s (From A-Z)

Choosing the Right Event:

Fundraising events can be time-consuming to plan and expensive to produce. Here is a thought, before you start to plan, make sure that you select the best fundraiser idea or event for your organization.

Nonprofit organizations, schools and churches sponsor thousands of fundraising events every year. This is an overwhelming task of selecting the best event for your own group.

The selection process of most fundraising events often occurs in one of the following ways:

You hear about a great idea from a group or at a conference and you decide to try it out.
You repeat the same fundraising event year after year, not because it has been a success, but because no one dares to change it.
One of your board of directors has a friend at the country club and suggests that you sponsor a golf tournament every year.
Another organization had a successful dinner-dance, so you want to try it too.

Any of the above ideas, along with indecisiveness, can lead to disappointing results.

It may be fun to brainstorm about and to try many types of events in the search for good ideas, but it is important that you are clear about:

( 1 ) Your purpose in sponsoring an event;

( 2 ) The prospective audience for your event;

( 3 ) And the resources (money, time and people) that your organization has available to produce the event.

Here are some fundraising suggestions that will light the fire under your decision and help to raise money for you organization.

These are just 20 of the 101 ( actually over 100) actual fundraising event suggestions. To get more, go to the website below for the FREE: 101 Fundraising Event Idea’s – from A-Z eBook


Advertising Time: Some teams have sold the space on their backs to sponsors. Sponsors pay $25 for a half-hour of advertising time. Walkers on the team place cards on their backs displaying the sponsor’s ads while they walk.

Art Sale: Have preschool and elementary children produce art and have a show. Parents and friends buy back their budding artists’ masterpieces. This is perfect for a school team.

Ask Everyone: Ask your friends, neighbors, relatives and coworkers to make a donation. Explain your commitment to joining the fight against cancer – maybe because a loved one is battling cancer.

Auctions: Many teams are holding live or silent auctions. Work with an auctioneer who will donate his or her time and hold a live auction. One Massachusetts’ team held an auction during their family reunion. Put together a sports or collectibles auction. You can even auction off the boss-have the boss or department head as your assistant for a day at work.


Baby-sit: Do extra babysitting and donate your pay (or part of it) to your team’s efforts. Or, baby-sit as a team during community events.

Bagel Sales: Talk to a local vendor and ask them for a discount on bagels if you buy a few dozen each Friday. Take them to work and sell them. Donate the profits to Bike-a-thon. This also works for soft pretzels or donuts.

Bake Sales: Hold a bake sale at work, at a busy place like Wal-Mart, or your local grocery store on a Saturday morning. One bank branch held a bake sale once a week for several months. Or have a no-bake sale where co-workers pay so they don’t have to participate!

Balloon Day: This is good for students: sell a pink balloon with a message attached for $2 each. The students take orders in advance and then deliver the balloons and their messages at a later date.

Bank for a Year: Give each member of your team a bank to put $2 in each week beginning the week after Bike-a-thon. In 50 weeks each team member will have his or her $100.

Basket of…: Have your teams make up baskets to raffle off. Ideas include Tea Basket (teapot, cup or mug, tea bags, honey, etc.), Gardening (garden tools, gloves, seeds), Summer Fun (sunscreen, book, sunglasses, and bottled water), etc.

Bingo: Hold a bingo night at a local club, church hall, or at your place of business.

Birthday Party with a Purpose: If you have a birthday coming up and are planning a party, write on the invitations that in lieu of gifts you’d like your guests to bring a check made out the American Cancer Society/Bike-a-thon.

Block Party: Put together an old-fashioned block party in a parking lot, or close off your street (get permission first!). Have a band or a DJ donates a few hours, have face painting, a BBQ, etc. Have fun AND raise money for your team.

Book Sale: Do this in conjunction with a publishing house or bookstores that will donate books or have everyone on your team bring in gently used books. Set up a table to sell the books at a local mall, in a break or lunchroom, etc. Books that are left can be donated to your local library or school.

Boss for the Day: Allow employees to bid on being boss for the day—highest bid wins!

Bounce-a-thon: Students take pledges on bouncing a basketball for half an hour. Each class in the school takes turns gathering in the school’s front hall or gym throughout the day to bounce their basketballs.

Bowl-a-thon: Student teams have been holding bowl-a-thons, where they get pledges for every pin they knock down.

Bowling Chance: $1 gives you the chance to throw 2 balls (toy bowling set). If you throw a strike, your name is entered into a drawing twice. If you throw a spare with your second ball, your name is entered once. The team solicits a nice prize for the drawing.

Breakfast With: Put together a breakfast with a local celebrity. Work with a local restaurant or your team can do it themselves at a local hall or club. Have someone come in costume and sell tickets. Also charge $1 or $2 to have the children’s picture taken with the character.

Brown Bag Lunch Day: Everyone brings in his/her own lunch and donates the money he/she would have spent to Bike-a-thon.

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